(This is NOT a sales video)

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This video has no sales pitch, just my way of saying thank you for being an artist who is dedicated to succeeding in animation. :)

What's the catch? There is none.

I just want to help animators learn from my successes and failures and promote my own work while I'm doing it.

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Mini-Manifesto Wallpaper.png

You Are a Legend in the Making (Our Mini-Manifesto)

Walt Disney, Hayao Miyazaki, John Lasseter. The animation legends of yesterday were once just like you . . .

. . . a visionary artist with a dream and stories to tell.

We are Kid Millionaire, a community for the next generation of storytellers. We never give up our dreams, we never stop imagining, and we know anything is possible.

And it's your characters that will impact people all over the world for years to come.

This is the core of our Kid Millionaire movement, and just so you don't forget how awesome you are, we made this Mini-Manifesto for you to put as your phone wallpaper.