Animation Auteur Podcast


noun | /ōˈtər/

a filmmaker whose strong personal style and creative control over his or her works give a film its own unique stamp.

Independent animators discuss how to make a living off your art, how to make an animated movie, animation as an art form, and more!


S1E10 - Creative freedom in animation with Isabel Garrett

Isabel Garrett talks about the benefits of being an independent animator, her creative process, and more!


S1E9 - How to become a great animator with Anne Beal

The brilliant Anne Beal talks about the making of some of her works and gives helpful tips for animators.


S1E8 - Steven Subotnick on the flexibility of animation as a medium

Independent animator Steven Subotnick talks about his experience as a filmmaker, his creative process, the advantages of animation as an art form, and more!


S1E7 - Great Women Animators with Heather Kai Smith

Artist Heather Kai Smith talks about funding for independent animators, what’s she’s learned from researching animation history, and more!


S1E6 - Indie animator Andy Martin

Andy Martin talks about his short films, his creative process, and more!


S1E5 - Underground Animation with Hamish Storrie

Hamish Storrie of talks about his work as an animator and artist, his upcoming feature, and more!


S1E4 - How to make your own animated films with Eric Power

Eric Power talks about making his feature film Path of Blood, and comments on the potential of independent animated features.


S1E3 - Advice for independent animators from Hayley Morris

Hayley Morris talks about her work and how independent animators can get paid for their unique artistic styles.


S1E2 - How to make an animated movie with Elliot Cowan

Elliot Cowan talks about his background in animation as well as the making of his feature film The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead and Roundhead.


S1E1 - How to make a living as an indie animator with Tess Martin

Tess Martin stops by to talk about her work, as well as share some tips for animators who want to make a living off of their art.