Hi, I'm Dan. I make movies and comic books.


FREE comic strip
Happy, Magic Boxes: Fantasy Comic Strips to Help You Find Inner Peace When Life Is Out of Control

A FREE fantasy comic strip designed to help you feel warm and fuzzy when life is cold and dark.


I'm an independent animator, illustrator, and comic book creator.

I'm the writer/director of the animated science fiction feature Grey Island and a creator of short story comics.

My new fantasy comic is coming soon.

I'm currently drawing a one-shot comic called Soul of the World.

My animated feature film is finished!

I wrote, directed, and animated a science fiction film called Grey Island. It's hitting festivals in 2017.

Animators, I made you a FREE online course.

Whether you want to work for Pixar or tell your own stories, this FREE career bootcamp has everything you need to know to have a successful career in animation. 


Learn from the best artists and storytellers.

On my podcasts Animation Auteur and All My Artist Friends, I interview successful animators, illustrators, and more!